Sydney S.

Greenville, SC

I had never excelled in language classes until I took a French class with Madame Kaufmann. She takes the time to build relationships with her students and figure out how to best help them succeed in her classes. She made me fall in love with not only the language, but French culture as well. When I heard that she was taking a small study abroad group to Martinique and St. Lucia, I knew it would be an amazing learning experience! Madame Kaufmann has an amazing understanding of the culture there and took us on the most magical, educational journey I have ever been on. My entire group not only got to the level of French where we could have passing conversations with our host families, we also were able to make friends with locals that we still keep in touch with. I am forever grateful for the language program in Martinique as well as Madame Kaufmann who is without a doubt the best teacher I have ever had.